Erectile Dysfunction: The Treatment Based on Halacha Law

Erectile Dysfunction: The Treatment Based on Halacha Law

Erectile dysfunction or impotence in laymen term is the inability of a man to get and keep an erection. Having this kind of sexual problem is not necessarily a cause of panic. It has been an ongoing issue but if it causes stress, relationship problems and affects your self-confidence, then you should do something to solve it.

This condition could be a sign of an underlying health problem that requires immediate treatment. Are the treatments recommended to deal with erectile dysfunction acceptable in Jewish Halacha law?

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

In order for an erection to take place, the blood flow to certain parts of the penis must increases up to four times its regular flow. This will increase the pressure and the amount of blood enough for the penis to become longer, straighter and wider. If this mechanism fails it will result in impotence.

In the past, the failure in the mechanism was due to psychological causes. But now, it is known to be caused by different factors augmented various health conditions like vascular disease, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, drug, and alcohol use.

When is a Treatment Required?

One of the Jewish husband’s main obligations is to provide satisfaction and pleasure to his wife. The effect of impotence in a good relationship which the Talmud refers to as domestic peace is vivid. This condition can also hinder the need to procreate. Treatment is needed when it affects the relationship.

Erectile Dysfunction Solutions In Compliance With Halacha

Halacha is the laws of Jewish life. It is the way a Jew should behave, surrounding religious, civil and criminal law. There is some treatment for impotence that is not allowed by Jewish law.

1. Implants

In the past, the only way to treat impotence was by implanting a prosthesis in the penis. The main purpose is to replace the parts that failed to function properly. Is implant Halachic?

If there is a non-invasive method to treat impotence, then halacha may rule out surgery. Also, if the only option to treat an erection problem is painful, the man might choose artificial insemination. The wife may sue a halachic divorce in a Rabbinical court if the husband failed to fulfil his marital obligations.

2. Viagra

The discovery of pharmaceutical medical treatment like Viagra has been treating men with erectile dysfunction problem. This drug is available in pills and injection form. Viagra has helped millions of men suffering from erectile dysfunction and was able to regain this kind of sexual functionality.

The question is taking Viagra allowed by Jewish law? Since this problem will not put his life in danger and he is not bedridden, his treatment does not stop any mitzvot.

The main halachic question is, is the treatment for impotence like Viagra can be allowed to inject into the penis on Shabbat. In injecting Viagra intravenously, you need to draw some blood to make sure the needle has penetrated the vein.

This procedure constitutes the melacha of chovel, thus it is not needed when injecting into the corpora cavernous. Because of this, you don’t have to worry.

3. Vacuum Erection System

In this process, the penis is positioned into a vacuum tube and the pump produces a vacuum which leads to an erection. To stabilize the erection, a narrow flexible ring is positioned on the organ near the body. This procedure is prohibited in the Jewish world because it involves ejaculation outside the female organ.

The accepted treatment under the Halacha law is Viagra. However, if the Viagra pills damage his body, then the intravenous procedure should be used. If the injection is not available, then the last option is the implant procedure.