About Us

About Us

The Jewish tradition has teachings that human life has an infinite value and its preservation is a top priority. Many Jews believe that God has given humanity with the ability and understanding to become a partner with God in making the world better.

At Jewish Way and Health believes that providing health care is not just an obligation for the patient and the doctor but of the society as well. It is one of the top ten most important communal service. In our contribution to health, we have set up this website to provide information on health and most common Jewish genetic disorders.

We believe that by getting the community informed, they will have a deeper understanding of the disease and how to manage it. By doing this, we are raising cognizance about how important genetic screening is for people who are at high risks to plan for their future and their families’.

The primary goal of this website is to provide information to people who are predisposed to genetic disorders, mostly Jews from Ashkenazi descent. We want people who are exposed to the disease to avail of available screening to know the probabilities if getting affected and what will be the best course of action.

Our Mission

We want to be a partner in the prevention, screening, and management of Jewish genetic diseases. Using our website, we can raise awareness and facilitate access to information for those who are affected by such illness or at high risk.

Our Core Principles

Accessibility of information

All our information can be accessed by anyone who is affected by the disease or interested in genetic disorders not only among the members of the Jewish community but to a broader population.

Informative but not directive

We make sure that all information posted on this website is accurate, provided objectively and without prejudice. All with a goal of supporting people to carry on in any best way we can to help on their personal situation and beliefs.

Progress with collaboration

We pool resources from experts and professionals to help the patients and their loved ones live with their current circumstance.

What We Do

Through this website and all other resources, we provide, we help people by enabling them to find the best sites for information for those who have Jewish genetic disorders.

All the information we provide is impartial and without judgment. We help people manage their circumstance in a way that best fits beliefs and situations.